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  Appointment Components




Each appointment contains the following:


Service Category

Appointment Type

Student Involvement


Appointment Summary

Internal Memo

Appointment Note

In order to maintain accurate records, itís important that each component contain the correct information. Leaving an area blank will affect future reports and summaries, causing potential errors in data. A short note is better than a blank space.


Indicate the start and end times of the appointment to automatically calculate the duration (in hours). If you donít want to enter the times, adjust the duration manually. The default setting is one hour.

Many reports and summaries calculate time spent, not number of appointments, so it is imperative that the duration be set accurately. 

Service Categories

The Service Categories in Hallways correspond to the current ASCA National Model for counselors. Defining the type of service provided allows you to have greater accountability for your time.

Choose from the following service categories: 

Responsive Services

Individual Planning


System Support

Non-Guidance: activities that are not counseling program related. 

The type of service that you select may also appear in the summary, as a brief description of the appointment. You can change or add to the summary as desired.

Appointment Type

After you select a service category, Hallways automatically lists the types of corresponding appointments for the category. Make the appropriate selection from the dropdown list, or right-click to edit the list.

Student Involvement

Indicate if the appointment involved a single student, multiple students, or none.

Depending on the type of appointment selected, student choices are limited. In some cases, the selection will automatically be made based on the service category and/or the appointment type. For example, you cannot count lesson planning (a system support activity) as a direct service.

Once student involvement has been selected, whether automatically or by the user, you will no longer be able to edit certain components of the appointment in this window: service category, appointment type, and student involvement.  This is to prevent accidental duplication of records.


Select the student attendance for this appointment. If itís a group appointment, the group membersí attendance can be set individually in the group notes window.

Appointment Summary

Hallways will add a note summarizing the appointment to this box. You can add to, edit, or delete this information.

Internal Memo

The internal memo is a private area for comments about an appointment. The internal memo field does not appear on any report.

Appointment Note

Session: add general information about the appointment.

Topic: select from the list or type in the pertinent topic. If youíd like to add the topic to the list for future reference, right-click the box and select edit topics.

Indicator Addressed:  select the appropriate indicator from the studentís counseling plan.

If the appropriate indicator does not appear, right-click the list to add indicators to the studentís counseling plan.

Specifics of session: describe the specifics of the appointment.

Notes: add any pertinent notes or needed follow-ups.