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September 5, 2013

A few users have reported a problem when trying to print a single appointment note. We are working to identify and resolve this issue. If you have experienced this problem, please contact us. Please be sure to include which OS you are using.

Single student appointment notes describe the purpose and content of the student appointment.



Session: add general information about the appointment.

Topic: select from the list or type in the pertinent topic. If youíd like to add the topic to the list for future reference, right-click the box and select edit topics.

Indicator Addressed:  select the appropriate indicator from the studentís counseling plan. If the appropriate indicator does not appear, right-click the list to add indicators to the studentís counseling plan.

Specifics of session: describe the specifics of the appointment.

Notes: add any pertinent notes or needed follow-ups.

Appointment Note (Single Student)

The Appointment Note report contains: appointment type; student attendance; start, end, and appointment times; session information; topic of appointment; competency and indicator addressed; specifics of session; and session notes.