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  Hallways and ASCA Student Standards




With Hallways 4, it's easy to track how often ASCA Student Standards are addressed within your school counseling program.

The student counseling plan and appointment notes both reference the ASCA Student Standards; Hallways automatically tracks each component as it's addressed. The Documentation Module allows you to provide summaries for any specified time period.


Student Counseling Plan

Add ASCA-based competencies and indicators to the student's counseling plan. These are then accessed for all student appointments.

Student Appointments

For each student appointment note, select the appropriate indicator that was addressed during the appointment. Indicators are accessed from the student's counseling record. Group and multiple student appointments also include the ability to select indicators, either for the group or each individual student.

ASCA Accountability Reports

Hallways measures the number of times that each ASCA component was addressed during any specified time period, and provides the summary in both numerical and chart formats.

Student Abilities Report

As evaluations are completed for a student, Hallways automatically totals the studentís abilities scores in each area. The Students Abilities Report contains: the date and description of each evaluation; the studentís academic, career, and personal/social abilities scores for each evaluation; and the total scores for each evaluation.

Student Abilities Summary

The Student Abilities Summary compiles the average scores for all students in the three ASCA categories: academic, career development, and personal/social. Data is grouped by month and totaled. The report provides the total and average scores in the three categories as well as the minimum and maximum scores.