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  Components of Student Records




Once youíve selected a student name, the studentís information is displayed. You may now access any portion of the studentís counseling record.

The information displayed in the primary section of the window is input from the Student Intake window. The studentís ID number is to the right of the studentís name, and the number of appointments attended by the student in the blue box to the right of the ID number.

Click for help on viewing student records Components of the student record Shows how many appointments have been scheduled for the student Student Tasks

The Student Record contains the following information:

Student Name

ID: Studentís unique Local ID in numeric form. Student ID MUST be greater than 3. Do not use zero as a student ID number.

Address: Student's address, city, state, and ZIP.

Parent/Guardian Name: enter the name of the student's primary parent/guardian.

Primary Telephone Number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx format

Birthdate: mm/dd/yy format

Age: Hallways will automatically calculate the student's age after the birth date is entered. Each time the student's record is accessed, Hallways will check to see if the student has had a birthday and, if so, update the student's age.

Grade: select from the list; the student grade is stored in PEIMS format.

Gender: select from the list.

Ethnicity: select from the list; Hallways refers to PEIMS for the ethnicity list.


Requested by: Indicate who requested the student receive counseling services: student, parent, teacher, ARD, or other. You can also type in this box instead of selecting from the list.

Reason for Services: Indicate the primary reason the student is receiving services. The default list contains: academic, behavioral, personal, social, or career planning.

Level of Needs: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most severe, assess the studentís level of needs.

Date First Seen: Indicate the date the student first attended counseling. The default value is the current date.

Status: Select from current, inactive, or discharged. The default value for new students is "current." This list cannot be edited.