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  Student Counseling Plan




Accessed through the Students window, the studentís Counseling Plan contains the studentís goals pertaining to their reason for attending counseling and the intended focus of the counseling services.


If you are using Hallways to document the success of your counseling program within the ASCA National Model, it is important that you complete a Counseling Plan for each student.

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Learn about adding competencies to the student counseling plan.


After entering the date of the counseling plan, review or add competencies.


Adding Competencies

If no competencies appear in the counseling plan, you will need to add competencies before proceeding.

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Reviewing Competencies

Use the arrows to scroll through each competency contained in the student counseling plan.



Make sure that the date added is correct. If the competency was added through the student evaluation, the date will be that of the evaluation.


Adding Indicators

After adding competencies, youíll need to add indicators for each competency.

From the dropdown lists below the competency, select from indicators associated with the current competency to add to the studentís counseling plan.

Associated indicators are automatically displayed for each competency.


As you scroll through competencies, the associated indicators will be automatically available. Use the arrows to scroll through the competencies, selecting one or more indicators for each competency.



When you have finished adding competencies and indicators, provide a summary of the studentís counseling plan, any notes, concerns, or recommendations.


Student Counseling Report

When youíve completed the studentís plan, click the Print button to print a copy for the studentís record. The Student Counseling Plan report contains: indicators added to the studentís counseling plan, associated competencies, the related student standard, the domain under which they fall, and the counseling plan summary.