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Student abilities are evaluated in the following areas: Academic, Career Development, and Personal/Social. Within each area, evaluate the level of the studentís abilities  on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest.

Itís important to maintain a consistent application of the scale. The Student Abilities Summary and Student Abilities Report are based on this scale. Changing it after using it will mean that you must update all past student evaluations or your data will be skewed.


If the indicated level equals or is less than the Evaluation Scale, the corresponding competency is automatically added to the studentís counseling plan. If you have not used the Evaluation Scale, or the studentís ability in the area is higher than your scale, you can manually add the related competency to the studentís counseling plan by clicking the button to the right of the level.

Academic Abilities

Academic Self-Concept

Learning Skills

School Success

Improve Learning

Goal Setting

School to Life

Career Development Needs

Career Awareness

Employment Readiness

Career Information

Career Goals

Personal/Social Needs

Acquire Self Knowledge

Acquire Personal Skills

Self-Knowledge Application

Acquire Personal Safety Skills