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Pathways 7

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How does Pathways compare to other software?

Pathways is intended for use as practice management software in a therapy or counseling practice. It helps you keep your client records complete and up-to-date, yet save time on paperwork through integrated modules. Pathways is not set up for online billing; its components focus on assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes.

What about the cost?

Pathways is single purchase software with no subscription fees. Many other therapy software companies charge a monthly fee for use of their software. For example, Therascribe costs single users $75 per month. Pathways costs $349.95 per user, with free updates and online support. There are no hidden or subscription charges. 

I use a laptop and a desktop computer. Can I use Pathways on both?

Yes. You can install your copy of Pathways on up to 3 computers, but only for your own use. You can update and transfer your data so you'll always have up-to-date information no matter where you're working. Pathways is not cloud based, so you don't require internet access to use Pathways; your data is stored securely on your own computer.

There is more than one therapist in our office. Can we all use Pathways?

Each purchase of Pathways contains a single user license. This means that only one person is licensed to use each copy of Pathways. You are not permitted to share your copy of Pathways with anyone else, even if you share the same computer. We do have discounts and incentives for multiple user licenses.

What if I don't like it? Can I return it?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on opened software. If you are experiencing difficulty with your software, contact our support department. Our excellent service representatives will help you resolve any issues with Pathways.

Will Pathways run on a Mac?

Pathways 7 can be used on any device that runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Windows 8. It can be used on a Mac if you are able to boot to Windows or use a virtual Windows environment, such as Parallels desktop.


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Every copy of Pathways is password protected. Once you receive your copy, you can set your own password at any time. As well, the actual data is encrypted, doubly protecting your information. Your electronic client information is fully protected, and you have the capability to back up your data regularly, which is a HIPAA requirement.


Pathways 7 is built to save you time with integrated modules and features. Once you've entered information, Pathways accesses and updates it, avoiding duplicate effort and paperwork.


Free updates and online support ensure that you'll get get the most out of your Pathways product.



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