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How Hallways 5 Helps School Counselors

Hallways, the premier school counseling software, is designed to help school counselors track data and document work within the ASCA National Model Mindset & Behaviors in an intuitive, integrated workspace. By using Hallways as part of your day-to-day routine, you'll automatically be able to track your activities and generate the documentation and accountability paperwork you need, all while spending less time on paperwork and more with students.






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Hallways & ASCA

Hallways integrates ASCA Student Standards in student records and appointments.

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Hallways helps school counselors:



Less time on paperwork means more time with students.


More and more, school counselors are being asked to account for their time and demonstrate the success of their counseling program. Unfortunately, the more time you spend on accountability, the less time you have to spend with students.

Hallways helps resolve that quandary with an easy-to-use software program that significantly lessens the time you spend on paperwork. Just use Hallways to enter your daily appointments and activities. Its integrated features allow Hallways to track your student and appointment data automatically.

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Know the needs of your students and which groups are receiving services.



Hallways can help you focus your efforts to ensure services reflect the student population. Student demographics - grade, ethnicity, and gender - are included in the student record. Hallways automatically tracks appointment information so you can compare the services received by any group with the population of the group.

With Hallways, you'll know who is receiving services and why, so you'll fully understand the needs of your student population.

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Track the time you spend with students and student services.



With Hallways, you'll always know how much time you're spending with students and directly on their behalf.

Just record your appointment information, and Hallways automatically calculates and displays how much time you're spending on student services, both daily and overall, to help you meet the 80% goal recommended by ASCA. Hallways also tracks how much time you spend in direct contact with students.

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Show how your counseling program benefits students.


Today, school counseling programs are driven by data, which provide an accountable method to determine the impact of a school counseling program on student success. In the current climate of accountability, connecting the work of school counselors to student improvement data is the most powerful indicator of the success of the school counseling program.

Hallways' powerful reports help you demonstrate students' improvement in performance levels and abilities aligned with the ASCA National Model.

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Demonstrate your program's compliance with ASCA Standards.


In Hallways, the integrated student evaluation, counseling plan, and appointment notes are linked to ASCA student standards, so you'll always know which ASCA components are being addressed and how often.

Hallways also categorizes counselor activities, so you'll know how your activities measure up to the ASCA Delivery System. Hallways summarizes all appointments into Service Categories: Responsive Services, Individual Planning, Guidance/Curriculum, System Support, and Non-Guidance. You'll easily know how your counseling program compares to the ASCA National Model.

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