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August 23rd, 2015

The Hallways 5 update is available for registered users of Hallways 4. You will need the user name and password that shipped with your software to access the download.

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Welcome to Hallways, management software for school counselors. We’re pleased that you’re taking your first step toward developing a new system for managing your records.


You have the sole license for this copy of Hallways. You may not share it, copy it, or otherwise distribute it to another party. You may use Hallways on up to 3 computers for your sole and private use. This allows you to transfer your data from one computer to another.


If you require help at any time while working in the Hallways program, simply click the Help icon to get online help about the specific window you’re working in.

We thank you again for purchasing Hallways. For more information about your program, FAQs, support issues, or updates, please check here often. If you'd like to be notified of Hallways news and updates, please join our users' mailing list.