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Program Management Module

The new Hallways 5 Program Management Module lets you show just how your counseling program is focusing on students and addressing the most critical needs.
The School Needs Assessment already has the most common school needs written into it: just adjust it for your school, set your goals, and you're ready to start creating Action Plans to show exactly how your program is addressing those needs.
Action plan goals link directly to student evaluations and ASCA Mindset & Behaviors, so there's no duplication of data entry. Just enter information once, and you're ready to go.






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Purchase Hallways 5 for just $149.95 per counselor, or take advantage of our multiple user discounts.

Benefits of Hallways

Learn how using Hallways can save you time while providing accountability.

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School Needs Assessment

View and easily manage your daily schedule with the new Outlook-style calendar.


Action Plan Development

Hallways' point and click interface makes adding appointments quick and easy. 


Action Plan Management

Document your work, measure student progress, and identify the positive impact of the action plans.


New Calendar

The new Outlook-style calendar makes adding appointments a snap. Just double-click a date to add new appointments. In the weekly view, double-click a date & time and Hallways automatically creates the appointment for you at the selected time. 

Recurring Appointments

You can now schedule recurring appointments for any student, group, or class.

File Attachments

You can now attach a file to a student appointment note.



Students Module

Use Hallways to easily create and maintain comprehensive student counseling records.


Program Management Module

Keep your contacts and resources at hand, and track student referrals and consultations about students.


Documentation Module

Hallways' comprehensive, professional reports help reflect the focus of your counseling program.

 School Needs Assessment

 New module lets you create school needs assessment and action plans.

School Needs Assessment

Identify school needs so you'll know what's important to address.

The new Programs Management Module includes School Needs Assessment and Action Plans to make it easy for you to create action plans based on school needs, and track student progress in integral areas.

For each school need, indicate its severity and priority levels, and show the assessment tools used to gather, review, or analyze data.

Hallways 5 includes 20 pre-written goals that can be assigned to any school need as it best suits your program. Simply make your selection from the list, or add your own.

Hallways 5 is preloaded with measurement scales used to measure student evaluation areas associated with each school need. Measurement scales can be use outright or adjusted to fit your school's needs.


 Action Plan Development & Management

 Develop and manage action plans to address school needs and monitor student progress.




Once you've assessed school needs, create action plans to address those needs. Select any active need, add associated goals, and determine your target group. Hallways 5 automatically lists all students who meet the target group criteria, so it's easy to enroll participants in the action plan. Determine the baseline levels for the action plan participants with point-and-click levels that link directly to the student evaluation. Action Plans integrate with student evaluation areas and ASCA Mindset & Behavior standards.

During the school year, Hallways automatically tracks appointments with students or groups enrolled in action plans, so you'll know how often those students are being seen and why. When the school year's done, quickly evaluate and document student progress, and identify the positive impact of the action plans on students.






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