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Students Module

Use Hallways to easily create and maintain comprehensive student counseling records. Instantly review a student's appointments, consultations, and referrals right from the student record.

The student record includes a narrative student history/assessment, evaluation, and counseling plan. The student evaluation measures student abilities integrated with action plan goals, so there's no duplication of data entry. With Hallways 5, information entered once shows up in all applicable areas.







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Benefits of Hallways

Learn how using Hallways can save you time while providing accountability.

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Student Records

Student information is at your fingertips with the Students Module.


Student Evaluations

Evaluate student needs and focus on necessary improvement.


Student Groups

Create and manage student groups and appointments.


A wide variety of reports allow you to document all student interactions, and ensure your counseling records are comprehensive and completely up to date. Student evaluations and counseling plans help you assess student progress as they receive services.

One of the major additions to Hallways 5 is the ability to create and add student classes as groups. If you do any classroom guidance counseling, or frequently have appointments with more than one student, setting up student groups and classes will make entering appointments much easier and faster. Hallways 5 also allows you to schedule recurring appointments for any student, group, or class.


Appointments Module

View your daily appointments at a glance, and enter your daily activities quickly and easily.


Program Management Module

Keep your contacts and resources at hand, and track student referrals and consultations about students.


Documentation Module

Hallways' comprehensive, professional reports help reflect the focus of your counseling program.

 Student Records

 Student information is at your fingertips with the Students Module.

Student Records

Instantly review all student information and interactions from the student record.

Keep your school counseling records up to date with Hallways easy to use, integrated workspace. Hallways keeps student information at your fingertips with the student record, where you can instantly review student information, appointments, referrals, and consultations.


Who's Receiving Services?

Evaluate the needs of the student population, and know which groups are receiving services.

Track student demographics and need for services both for single students and for the overall student population. Hallways' comprehensive and extensive reports help you evaluate the needs of your students and focus your efforts where they're needed most.

Demographics and Needs for Services





 Student Evaluation

 Evaluate student needs and focus on necessary improvement.

Performance Levels

Track any student's performance over time to show improvement in needed areas.

Hallways allows you to create multiple student evaluations that help you track student improvement over time. Indicate the student's current performance level in behavior, achievement, and attendance.

Student Performance Levels

Student Abilities

Student abilities integrate directly with school needs and action plans. 

Students are evaluated in the following areas: Academic, Behavioral, and Personal/Social. Within each area, quickly and easily evaluate the level of the studentís abilities with a point-and-click scale.

Student Abilities


Show Your Success!

Demonstrate the success of your program with summaries showing student improvement.

Hallways' powerful reports help you demonstrate student improvement as recommended by the management component of the ASCA National Model.





 Student Groups

 Create and manage student groups and appointments.


Student Groups

Create student groups to manage appointments and notes for multiple students.

If you do a lot of group counseling or classroom work, creating student groups allows you to enter information for multiple students quickly and easily. Just create the group, add a description and group goals, and indicate what students are members of the group.



Group Appointments

Add a single appointment for a group, and Hallways does the rest.

Add an appointment for a group, and Hallways automatically creates corresponding appointments and notes for all active group members. The topic, standard, and focus of the group appointments are automatically transferred to the appointment note for each student. Notes and attendance can be edited separately for each individual student.







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