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Pathways Treatment Library

The Pathways Treatment Library contains 46 presenting problems organized into 35 groups, or problem areas. The problem areas are loosely based on the chapters and disorders in the DSM-5. Each problem area can contain multiple problems.

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Problem Area Problem Description
Abuse/Neglect Childhood Trauma
  Sexual Abuse
Addiction Alcohol Abuse/Dependence
  Substance Abuse/Dependence
Anxiety Anxiety
  Social Anxiety/Discomfort
Behavioral Issues Antisocial Behavior
  Behavioral Problem
  Anger Control Problem
Bipolar Disorder Bi-Polar Disorder
Depression Depression
Dissociative State Dissociative Identity Disorder
Eating Disorder Eating Disorder
Educational Educational Deficit
Elimination Disorders Enuresis
Family Issues Family Conflict
Gender/Orientation Issues Sexual Orientation Issues
Grief/Loss Grief/Loss
Harmful Behavior (Others) Violent/Harmful Behavior
Housing/Economic Issues Financial Problems
Legal Issues Legal Problem
Medical/Healthcare Issues Physical Health Problem
Neurocognitive Disorders Cognitive Impairment
Neurodevelopmental Issues Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Obsessions/Compulsions Obsessive/Compulsive Traits
Occupational Issues Vocational Difficulties
Paraphilic Disorder Paraphilic Tendencies
Personality Disorders Borderline Personality Disorder
Phobias/Fears Phobia
Psychotic/Thought Disorder Paranoia
  Psychotic Disorder
Relationship Issues Relationship Problems
Self-Care/Wellness Self-Care Deficit
Self-Esteem Issues Low Self-Esteem
Self-Harmful Behavior Suicidal Ideation
Sexual Issues Sexual Difficulty
Sleep Difficulties Sleep Difficulties
Social Environment Phase of Life Problems
  Social Anxiety/Discomfort
  Social Exclusion/Rejection
Somatic Complaints/Somatoform Somatic Complaints
Spiritual Spiritual Confusion
Trauma/Stressor-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Treatment Library that ships with Pathways 7 is adult-based. We are currently working on expanding treatment libraries, including ones specifically for children and adolescents. If you have any suggestions or requests for expanded treatment libraries, please email us with your request.




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