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Appointment Types

In Pathways 7, all appointment types fall into one of three categories: client sessions, communications, or tasks. Appointment types can be edited from the Today's Events window, or by right-clicking any appointment dropdown box.




Today's Events Window



Adding Appointments


Client Sessions  







Scheduling Recurring Appointments  


Reviewing Client Sessions



Deleting Appointments


If you access the appointment types from an appointments window, Pathways displays only appointments of that type.



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Appointments fall within one of three categories:

Sessions: therapeutic or counseling sessions with a client

Communications: collateral contacts with or regarding a client

Tasks: non-direct activities, such as meetings, paperwork, and case management


For each appointment type, complete the following:

Category: indicate the category of the appointment by clicking the appropriate option.

Description: briefly describe the appointment type.

Code: a brief code descriptor for the appointment.

CPT: the CPT or billing code for the appointment.

Location: the usual location of this type of appointment. Right-click to edit locations.

Length (in minutes): usual length of appointments; will be used to calculate appointment times.

Units: the number of units which apply. This should properly reflect the CPT code.

Use the navigation buttons to scroll between appointments, and click Done when finished.













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