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New Client Session

When creating a new appointment, if session is selected as the appointment type, the client session window will open.





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Did you know?

Only current clients' names are displayed in the Sessions window.




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Did you know?

Dropdown lists marked with a pencil can be edited. Just right-click the box and click "Edit."




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Select client name from the list of current clients. If you accidentally select the wrong client name, click “Unlock Client List” and make the correct selection.

Once a client name is selected from the list, Pathways completes the session information from the preferences that were designated in the client's record. For example, if you have entered the client’s preferred time for sessions, this will set the appointment time. Pathways will also use any billing information that has been entered for the client.

Any of the information entered in this window can be edited. Changes will apply only to the current session, and will not alter the client record preferences.

Session Type: Select the type of appointment from the drop-down list.

Location: Select the appropriate location from the drop-down list.

Attendance: Indicate the client’s attendance by selecting from the drop-down list.

Start Time: If the start time of the session differs from the pre-set time, select from the drop-down list of session times.

End Time: The end time of the appointment is automatically calculated, based on preferences set in the Appointments Type window. Select from the drop-down list to edit the end time.

Units: Adjust the units if necessary.

CPT: Indicate the appropriate billing code.

Billable: Indicate if the session is billable. If so, the billing rate for the selected client will be entered and the total for the appointment displayed.

Once the appointment information is completed, click "Add New Session" button to add another session for a different client, or click Done to return to the Today's Events window. You can also print an appointment invoice or receipt, or complete the client progress note by clicking the appropriate button in this window.






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