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New Communications

When creating a new appointment, if task is selected as the appointment type, the new task window will open. Tasks are considered to be any non-direct activity, although a task can refer to a specific client. Tasks are not billable.


In the task window, complete the following:

Type of Task: Select the type of task from the drop-down list.

Start Time: Select the start time of the task from the dropdown list.

End Time: The end time of the appointment is automatically calculated, based on preferences set in the Appointments Type window. Select from the drop-down list to edit the end time.

Units: Adjust the units if necessary.

Location: Indicate the location of the task, such as a meeting room.

Re Client: Select from list of current clients if applicable.

Description: Enter a brief description of the task.

Topic: Enter the topic of the conversation/communication.

Notes: Add any additional notes regarding the communication.

Follow-up: If follow-up is necessary, describe it.

Complete: Check this box when the task is complete.


Printing the Task List

The task list report can be printed from the New Task window, or accessed directly from the Appointments menu. The report shows all incomplete tasks for the specified time period.



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